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Join us on an immersive journey into the world of Speyside

A passion for whisky

I am Brian Weir and I have a passion for whisky that I just love to share, with those already familiar with a love of scotch or people who have yet to experience the wonder of the water of life.

Like more than a few good things in life, my whisky passion started with a dram, many years ago, on a day that I told someone “I don’t drink whisky”. It was Singleton Of Dufftown Sunray, a single malt from Diageo. From there I went on a pilgrimage of discovery, with a very understanding wife!! I now live and work the heart of whisky country in Speyside.

Whisky is a wonderful pleasure, treated with respect, it brings people together, encourages sharing and opens your senses to an astonishing array of aromas and flavours. It will ignite a passion and warmth in your heart that you will take with you.

Our Diploma in Scotch Whisky
A must for all whisky lovers...

From just the three ingredients of malted barley, water, and yeast, and then through a romantic industrial – or even alchemical process – beautiful spirit is born, filled into handmade casks, and rests.  Over time with a little help from angels the casks work their magic for us to enjoy.

Our unique week long immersive diploma course will take you on a comprehensive journey of discovery, embracing the history and the science behind the process of making scotch whilst gaining insight into the industry as it is today.

The Raw Materials

AM - An immersive journey through the history of scotch whisky.

PM - A interactive visit to a local farm producing barley for a Speyside distillery.
Day 1

The Process

AM - An interactive session on the malting, mashing and fermentation of the raw materials.

PM - The art of copper and the complexities of distillation.

Distillery Visits

Distillery visits across Speyside bringing the learning so far to life... whilst nosing and tasting some exclusive drams.
day 3


AM - The influence of wood, learning about the importance of oak in the maturation process.

PM - An immersive visit to Speyside Cooperage, experiencing the masters at work.
day 4

Blending & Bottling

AM - The art of blending - participate in a blending masterclass at a Speyside distillery.

PM - Experience the worldwide industry as it is today.
day 5

Final Assessment

Lastly all participants who wish to complete the diploma qualification can sit the final assessment
day 5

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